The Story of the Building

A piece of world architecture in the middle of Bratislava


The City Gate building was established in the 1940s as the seat of the Slovak National Bank. European functionalism meets later monumentality in its design. Architects Eugen Kramár and Štefan Lukačovič created the project relatively shortly after their studies. Fresh in their memories, therefore, they had the teachings of the then interwar builders, thanks to whom the former Czechoslovak architecture was at the top European level.


Eugen Kramár later became one of the most important representatives of modern architecture in Slovakia. It is interesting to note that the building of the Slovak National Bank is one of the few that he created as a free man. The communist regime persecuted him as the son of a priest after the coup, and even forced him into projects from prison. He was never free of political supervision at work again.


In 2009, the studio of architects Pavol Paňák and Martin Kusý was in charge of reconstructing the bank's offices into housing. They designed, for example, the new seat of the Slovak National Bank, the building of the Slovak Embassy in Berlin and the high-rise apartment building Manhattan on Račianská Street. In City Gate, these architects created large two- to five-room flats on five floors. Some of them are duplex and most have at least one magnificent terrace. In the common areas, the original monumental staircase, colourful stained glass by Janek Alexy, stone panelling and rare chandeliers have been preserved. The house thus offers future tenants comfort, space and elegance.


Now City Gate is ready for the next stage of its existence. The new apartment owners will fill it with quality design and authentic family life.


Something else to read:

  • You can view the City Gate building card on the Register of Modern Architecture oA HÚ SAV website here.
  • See the portfolio of architects Paňák and Kusý here
City Gate Building
City Gate Interior
City Gate Staircase

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